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With HughesNet high-speed satellite service, the internet is your playground. Surf the web, upload photos on social media, stream movies, or listen to your favorite tunes in crystal clear sound.

social media, stream movies, or listen to your favorite tunes in crystal clear sound. You’ll get the most out of your internet activity with a HughesNet plan that has the right amount of data for your home. Follow the summaries below for a better idea of how many gigabytes (GB) you’ll need each month.

Summary of HughesNet Plans

Data Plans Plan Descriptions
10 GB A good choice for one or two users who like to stream HD videos online.
20 GB Best for a small household that enjoys streaming Ultra HD movies.
30 GB Ideal for the connected home with multiple devices.
50 GB The plan you need for a family to stream shows simultaneously.

HughesNet Gen 5

What is HughesNet Gen5?

HughesNet Gen5 is a satellite internet service that offers reliable speeds. Even in rural areas with limited access to high-speed internet options, HughesNet Gen5 can keep you connected to the world around you. With plans from 10 GB to 50 GB of data per month, there’s a good option for just about every household.

Get more of everything you need with HughesNet Gen5:

  • 25 Mbps download speeds
  • More data
  • Built-in Wi-Fi service
  • Widespread availability

HughesNet Internet for Business

Do More, Faster with HughesNet for Business

PlanDataPlan Desciptions
Business 3525 GB Daytime Data + 10 GB Anytime DataIdeal for several users with multiple devices and basic internet needs.
Business 5025 GB Daytime Data + 25 GB Anytime DataIdeal for 5 users with light to moderate business internet usage.
Business 7525 GB Daytime Data + 50 GB Anytime DataIdeal for up to 5 users with more intensive business connectivity needs.
Business 15050 GB Daytime Data + 100 GB Anytime DataIdeal for up to 10 users with heavy-duty business data needs.
Business 25050 GB Daytime Data + 200 GB Anytime DataIdeal for 10+ users who need a robust data plan to keep business running.

HughesNet Satellite Has All the Tools You Need

Reliable Speeds with Every Plan

Unlike most internet providers, HughesNet doesn’t charge you more for high-speed internet. All HughesNet Plans come with 25 Mbps download speeds.

Stay Connected Wirelessly with Built-In Wi-Fi

With the HughesNet Gen5 Wi-Fi modem, you can keep all the wireless devices in your home connected.

Secure and Reliable High-Speed Internet Connection

HughesNet has reliable connections, fast internet speeds, and prices that fit your budget. With a stable, regularly updated infrastructure, HughesNet gives you the service you deserve.

Unlimited Data with No Hard Data Limits

If you exceed the amount of data on your plan, HughesNet won’t cut you off or charge you more. You’ll stay connected at reduced speeds—typically 1–3 Mbps—through the end of the month.

Video Data Saver

When you stream all your favorite TV shows and movies, HughesNet Gen5 automatically adjusts your speeds and delivers DVD video quality3 while using less data so you can watch up to three times as much footage.

50 GB of Included Bonus Data

HughesNet plans come with Bonus Zone Data, which offers you an extra 50 GB from 2 a.m. to 8 a.m. Your Bonus Zone Data renews each month, so it’s easier to download your favorite movies, music, and games.

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